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*A calendar of all community wide events and meetings may be
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Worship Services are each Sunday at 9:00 am  and PM worship service begins each
sunday  at  6:00 pm.. Choir practice is at 5:00 p.m. each Sundayu unless announced differenly

There is much need in our country for prayer.  Our nation is increasingly in crisis, politically, physically and morally.  The only thing that can help reverse these trends is Prayer.  Please join with all of us at Pleasant Hill in praying for our country and our leaders, that God's will be done.  We Christians can reclaim America!

Our 20 17 events list is being updated as we speak

Wednesday Night Kids Church
Note to parents: please drop children off at the back (Fellowship Hall) door. There may be other groups in other meeting places, who may be dismissed at other times. Help us keep your children safe by supervising them in the parking lot. 

  • A Word From Mrs. Crystal Shelby our Kids Church Director

The Pleasant Hill UMC "Kid's Church" Program (which includes Bible School) was created to give all the children in our community and surrounding area, an opportunity to learn about Christ through biblically inspired teachings,  and to help them develop a Christian relationship that can guide and lead them to salvation and provide the basic christian building blocks that will guide them through the rest of their lives.  We also provide opportunities for them to establish new friendships, reconnect with old friends and have good Christian fun in a safe environment.  This program also provides each of these children a healthy nourishing meal, something they may not receive in some home environments.
  • If you feel that you would like to partner with Pleasant Hill in this "Kid's Church" endeavor, you may do so annonymously by donating to the "Johnny Frey Fund".

  • Donations to the Johnny Frey Fund may be made by calling 601-948-8845 and ask for Billie Sprayberry, say that you would like to donate to the Johnny Frey Fund for  Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church.  You will then be guided in the process....
            May God Bless you .

  • Pleasant Hill Grown Ups -- "The 'Grown-Ups" meet every second Thursday at 12:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  

The Pleasant Hill Choir
  • Our choir meets each Sunday afternoon at 5:00 under the direction of Choir director Marie Eckman.  You are all invited to come and sing with the choir.

Sunday Morning volunteer options
  • Children may participate in the worship service by becoming acolytes, or by helping the adult ushers with the offering.  If any children wish to become acolytes, see Ms Judy Collins.  If you wish to help the ushers with the offering, see Ms Becky Holmes.

  • There is always a need for adults to help during the worship service by becoming ushers or to help with the audio/video during the worship service. If you wish to volunteer please see Fred, Michael or one of our ushers and  you will be guided from there.
  • Each Sunday the children of our church take up an offering in small baskets, along with and with the gurdance of our Ushers.  They are asking for any small change you might have in your pocket.  These offerings are collected and given quarterly to a worthy cause in the community, such as Wesley House, Love's Kitchen, The ramp ministry, or other worthy ministries.  The children all love to participate in this effort and take much pride in being able to give something back to the community.  Reports are given to the Administrative Council when these funds are distributed.

  • A nursery is provided, for Children under the age of three, during church services.  If parents wish to place their children in our nursery, please contact a greeter in the foyer for directions or see Ms Jessie Bonner, Mrs. Kristi Russell or Ms Becky Holmes.

Business Meetings
  • Pleasant Hill's monthly business meeting is every third Sunday at 6:00 PM.   (Changes in scheduling this meeting may sometimes be necessary due to conflicts and will be announced.)  Please attend so you will know what decisions are made concerning the business of your church. There is no evening worship service on the Sunday of the business meeting.  Choir Practice is not affected.

How Can I Help In Times Of  Disaster?
  • There are ways you can assist victims of natural disasters... UMCOR, (United Methodist Committee On Relief) and The American Red Cross, and The Wesley House are just three, of many organizations that provide assistance.  You may go to the website of your choice by choosing the links below and find out how you can help.

email me
Wesley House,
Meridian MS.
Link to UMCOR disaster kits