Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church

Providing Spiritual Guidandce for People of the Zero Community
and the surrounding area for 177 years (this year 2017)

"Our Church on the Hill"

Pleasant Hill Methodist Church was organized in 1840.  Two known charter members were Mrs. John McInnis and Mrs. Arthur Gay.  The original building was constructed of logs and located on the eastern side of what is now the cemetery.  The building served both church and school.

We have no known written records until 1883.  We do have some oral records and conference records showing the pastors names and dates.

At a very early date, our church was on a circuit with Bonita Methodist.  For years prior to 1911, there were three buildings – Pleasant Hill on the East side, Pleasant Hill Baptist on the West side and a school in between.  In about 1911, the building was purchased from the Baptist and the Methodist began using the one room building.

In 1948, the frame one-room building was torn down and a two-story building erected, this became our education building.  The church progressed from one of a five church charge to one of a three church charge in 1950.  In 1959, Pleasant Hill became part of a two church charge with Spring Hill, this lasting until 1982.  January 1, 1983 marked the beginning of Pleasant Hill as a station church.

1984 began efforts and plans toward building a new sanctuary. In 1986, the congregation moved into the new $225,000 structure and within months the building was debt free with added bonus of a $19,000 organ in place.  By 1992, the basement was completed and again debt free, just in time to provided a safe haven for victims of a devastating tornado in our community.

In 1993 the church library opened to further enhance spiritual and individual growth.  

In 1995 The Wednesday Kid’s Church began, starting out with 12 children.  In 2004 that number had grown to an average of 70 children attending.  In 2011 the number of children attending has increased even more.

During the summer of 2009 the Sunday School building, built in 1948, grew inadequate for our needs.  It had developed severe structural problems and had to be demolished.  Kids Church was suspended temporarily due to this demolition and the subsequent lack of facilities.  Efforts and Plans, that were in the works for a replacement building, would stretch over the period of a year before construction would begin on a new building.  We would be without an education building for an extended period of time.  Classes were held anywhere we could find a room or corner to gather in.

Construction of the new Education building finally began in the summer of 2010. The structure was completed in January of  2011.   Kids Church resumed as soon as the new facilities were made available.  Sunday School was then relocated into the new building.  So far attendance for Kids Church continues to exceeded expectations.  It is loved and enjoyed by children in and around the community.  It continues to be a source for at least one nourishing meal a week provided by church members, and is a place of Christian teaching.  These are all things some children from our community may not get anywhere else.

After completion of the new education building, there was a drive to remodel the fellowship hall located in the sanctuary basement.  This much needed project was completed In November of 2011 and is now enjoyed frequently.

Pleasant Hill, with it’s many great teachers and leaders have consistently provided many opportunities for it’s members to increase their Christian knowledge; with weekly Sunday School and Bible Study Classes. Wednesday's Kids Church; along with yearly Vacation Bible School, all providing worship and learning opportunities to the people of the Zero Community and surrounding area.

Pleasant Hill is truly a Church for All God's Children
Organized in 1840