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Our church exists to meet the needs of its members and The Community surrounding it. We worship together as a community of believers. We support one another’s values and beliefs. We nurture the faith of our members in a variety of ways. We invite you to join us in experiencing God here at PHUMC.   
Our Doctrine
We believe all of scripture is God-breathed and inspired by God, and written by those chosen by God.
Our Beliefs
We believe in the life everlasting, and that the goodness in all mankind can be nurtured through the Word.

Organized in 1840  .... 178 years young   .... 

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This site was last updated: July 17, 2018
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Pleasant Hill UMC invites you to join us and our Pastor ...Rev Trevor Gore... for a great worship service each Sunday Morning at 11:00

Sunday Choir Practice has been suspended for the month of July.

Our Children's ministry, "Kid's Church", begins again August 29th.  We have taken a short summer break.  

Vacation Bible School is currently in session.. it began Sunday evening July 15th and will continue each evening through July 18th... 
We are trying a new family approach and encourage you and your children to come and participate.
  it begins each evening at 6:00 and ends each evening at 8:00.  
Food and snacks are provided each night..  Mrs. Amber Creel is our VBS Coordinator this year. 

 We look forward to seeing you and your children at Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church, Zero Community, Meridian Mississippi
    If you feel that you would like to help support our "Kids Church" Program, Donations can be privately and anonymously made.  More information about how you can do this may be found on our "What's Happening" page.  

We encourage you and your family to attend the church of your choice each and every Sunday.  If you do not have a church home, we would enjoy having you visit with Our Pleasant Hill Church family.  our Sunday School begins each Sunday morning at 10:00.  Our Sunday Morning worship service begins at 11:00, and if needed a nursery is provided.  Choir practice begins at 5:00 each Sunday evening.   Sunday evening bible study begins at 6:00.  The Youth meet each Sunday evening at 5:00 and our Wednesday evening Kids Church meets each Wednesday at 5:30 when they are not on Summer break.